LPI - Loyal Partners Intl
Experience You Trust!

Experience You Trust!

Core Values

We are trustworthy

We are an international marketing organization, focusing on national and international distribution, rendering far reaching services to our business partners
Quality service

We offer the highest quality. We invest in People showing a commitment for the development and training of our staff.



We are ethic. If we are not sure that we can achieve the common goals we will say it so. We will not use misleading advertising. We do not hold customers in to contract when mutual benefit is not viable. We will keep customer’s exchange information as highly confidential.


We are fully committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our customers and staff. This goes a lot further than training, systems and procedures generated by legislation. This has to do with our responsible way of thinking and acting.

Customer focused

Whether our customers is a producer, a compounder or a transformer, we will focus on anticipate, identify and satisfy their needs and wills. We continuously improve and develop our service by listening to customers.


We are profit oriented and cost conscious always pursuing the best and most reliable sources to ensure customer’s and ours profitability.
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We Care!

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