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SONNEBORN, REBORN. Since the early 1900s, the Sonneborn name has been synonymous with the highest quality refined hydrocarbons in the world. While through the years our name has changed , one thing has remained consistent: our goal of providing our customers with premium products, superior technical capabilities, and dependable service. Our customers are happy that some things never change.

Sonneborn’s refinery in Petrolia, Pennsylvania traces its heritage back to the mid-1800s and our manufacturing sites in The Netherlands have a 100-year history of manufacturing and applications expertise. We pioneered the production of petrolatum for use in medical salves and ointments from the utilization of materials previously considered to be unusable. The next major development came as a result of the first World War when, unable to secure white oil from offshore, our refinery became the first refiner of white oils in the United States.

Sonneborn is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of high-purity specialty hydrocarbons. Along the way, we improved on our original developments, utilizing our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to pioneer such innovations as stabilized and low-volatility plastics oils, Super White petrolatums, Sonneborn Compressor Lubricants and specialty food grade wax blends.. We offer a similar product range in Europe and North America, enabling us to more efficiently serve the needs of our multinational customers. Sonneborn is the world’s only producer that offers this global reach and depth of experience.

Sonneborn has the broadest product line in the industry. Our combination of standard grades satisfies a broad spectrum of applications, and our custom-formulating ability helps us meet your most exacting specifications. We provide grades that meet the strict standards of USP, NF, EuP, BP, DAB, French Codex, Japanese, and other pharmacopoeias. We also provide products that conform to USDA and FDA classifications.

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▪ Pharmaceutical
▪ Rubber
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