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Experience You Trust!

Galata Chemicals commenced commercial operations on May 1, 2010, but our products and plants have been servicing the needs of our customers for almost 50 years. Both our Taft, Louisiana and Lampertheim, Germany manufacturing facilities began production in the 1960s. Through the years our plants and products had owners including Argus Chemical, GE, Ciba, Witco and Chemtura.

With a strong portfolio of products and brands, superior manufacturing facilities and commitment of our people, Galata Chemicals leverages several strategic differentiators.

Continuous global investment in our research, production, and customer facing operations

  • We continue to build a high-quality team of technical service people and realize that growing our business is only accomplished by helping our customers meet their needs with innovative solutions.
  • We are actively investing in building world-class customer care functions at our manufacturing facilities and ensuring they are staffed properly to deliver the support our customers require.
  • We are deepening our global research and development teams through investments in application new product development which will complement our existing, and support expansion into new, markets.
  • We are expanding our global sales team in both established markets, where we can better serve our existing customers, and in emerging economies where we can help these markets during their growth and development phases.

Backward integration into key product intermediates ensuring more consistent product supply at a better value to our customers

  • Galata produces EHTG, DMT, TOT and other tin intermediates which are found in Methyl, Butyl and Octyl tin stabilizers.
  • Galata produces Epoxidized Soybean Oil, Phosphites and other intermediates that are found in mixed metal stabilizers.

Private ownership and management focused on long term performance

  • Access to capital to improve and adapt the business to meet customer needs.
  • 'Partnership' focus on building long lasting customer and supplier relationships.
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