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 Tin Tetrachloride, anhydrous
(Stannic Chloride, Anhydrous; Tin (IV) Chloride, anhydrous)

Tin Tetrachloride is a colorless to yellow, liquid with an acrid odor.

The product is manufactured by reacting tin metal with chlorine under controlled conditions.

Typical Applications:

  • Primary ingredient for other organic and inorganic tin based chemicals Tin Tetrachloride is used to manufacture other tin based Mono- and Di-organotin chemicals. Some of the more common are Monobutyltin trichloride and Dibutyltin dichloride

  • Glass coatings
    Tin Tetrachloride is used as a hot end coating for glass bottle manufacturing and still finds application for Low Emissive Glass (Low E) and Flat glass chemical vapor deposition (CVD)


  • Catalysts
    Tin Tetrachloride has limited use as a catalyst in other chemical reactions

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