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 Glass Coatings
Gulbrandsen continues to be the preferred brand in specialty chemical products worldwide. Our combination of high quality, low cost products protect more than just your glass… they protect your bottom line. Free technical support to our customers further increases the savings. An exceptional value! We have the confidence to provide free product trials with guaranteed results.

Our Approach
We combine the purest product with state of the art coating equipment supported by the highest level of technical service all under one focused group to serve our customers and deliver the lowest operating cost.

Our Products
Our Glass division products include the high quality G-Coat products, Central feed systems and our GE Series application equipment. We can meet all of your coating requirements. Guaranteed!

Our GE vapor deposition hoods are designed for optimal coating performance
proven in glasswork use. They are constructed for maximum durability and low maintenance.

The design takes into consideration safety, coating quality,efficiency and ease of use. Integral heating elements and cooling fans ensure continuous and consistent coating performance over a wide range of operating conditions and production rates.

The equipment is designed to meet the wide range of bottle speeds and the limited conveyor space available in many glass plant applications. Needless to say, we support all our equipment with a comprehensive selection of spares.

G-Coat H110
A high purity Butyltin Trichloride stabilized to protect against moisture and water contamination.

G-Coat C210
A stabilized micro-emulsion of ultra-fine, uniform sized polyethylene particles. Accurate particle sizing prevents nozzle clogging. FDA approved.

G-Coat C220

A very pure, food quality grade of fatty acid. Kosher certified. FDA. approved


Our highly skilled and focused Customer Service and Technical groups will provide an exceptional level of assistance with
· Product Selection
· Employee education
· Operational Audits
· Health and Safety consulting
· Storage and Handling consulting

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