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Boron Trifluoride -Gas (BF3)

As an established supplier of catalysts for the petrochemical industry, Gulbrandsen has a proven track record serving the process industries needs for seamless delivery and surety of supply. With our logistics strengths, we are able to supply a lower cost BF3 to users in all parts of the globe. Gulbrandsen supplied BF3 exceeds industry specifications and is supplied using seamless US-DOT approved tube containers, making our BF3 a logical, and lower cost choice, for your BF3 needs.

BF3 is an example of how Gulbrandsen provides lower cost chemical supply solutions through manufacturing and logistics innovations; we pioneered the use of an US-DOT approved ISO frame and chassis for shipping BF3 as ocean cargo, making Gulbrandsen a viable supplier of bulk BF3 for global consumption.

With 24-hour access to our Customer Service Representatives, South Carolina, India and with Laporte, Texas facilities, Gulbrandsen Chemicals is the first choice as a catalyst partner.

Package types for BF3 (gas)

Gas tube trailers
For users requiring bulk quantities we supply in high pressure gas tube trailers.

Cylinder pack
BF3 are available in single cylinders or packs manifolded together

Mini Bulk
Users of larger quantities have the option for using a larger than cylinder and less than bulk packaging of 400 kg.



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