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Inception In 1964

Ever since its inception in 1964, HPL has always endeavored to cover all segments of customers and has therefore provided flexibility in its product range. Tailor made products are provided for customer-specific needs and operating conditions.

Multi Product Profile

Although HPL had started as a Polymer Additive manufactures, it has successfully diversified into Biocides, Polymerisation Catalysts, Photographic Chemicals, Pharma & Agro intermediates.

We believe in providing solutions rather than products only. We have added many products in the same group and have gone for diversification at appropriate opportunity. At present, there are around 60 products for different applications and many more in pipe line. 

Environmental Management System (EMS)
HPL has developed an Environment Management Systems, which controls and directs various activities concerning environment, safety and emergency. The system has been approved for ISO 14001 certification by DNV.





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