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 Stannous Octoate

Manufacturers who use our products have never been more demanding, challenging us to improve our systems to lower their overall product costs. Succeeding in this environment means being flexible, creative and resourceful. Gulbrandsen Chemicals manufactures Stannous Octuate with the simple goal of improving product performance while controlling costs for the customer.

This philosophy has earned Gulbrandsen Chemicals recognition as the leading U.S. direct supplier of stannous octoate blends, offered under our T-Cat series of products in both 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.

T-Cat improves product quality and consistency. Manufactured under tight quality control standards T-Cat catalyst has high purity and uniform tin levels. If used as a polyurethane foam application our unique process virtually eliminates the components in a catalyst that impart undesirable color or odor characteristics to foam.

Gulbrandsen engineers are focused on demonstrating how to optimize catalyst usage through a comparative evaluation of our blended T-Cat line, a focus and service that most general line distributors do not offer. Call on us to test your formulation with T-Cat under controlled conditions.



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